Here some words about the new Canon M3...

- The machined parts of the case are really well, had convinced me inside the store

- By default is there no optical viewfinder, which is optional and will cost you money. This have to be stuck unfortunately in the hot shoe ... In my opinion, a very bad idea, because where to put a system flash in a dark situation.

- Without the viewfinder all the time you have to use the display, what will drain the battery faster

- If you use the Adapter Ring for the EF-S lenses, the camera wants constantly focusing (the lens will pump), in this case it could happen, that the camera moves on the table. Unfortunately is the direction every time toward the table edge.

- Me bothers also the position of the auxiliary light, it would be much better on the other side of the lens, because at the current position, it may happen that the hand / fingers are front of  this.

- The autofocus is also very slow, and before the first firmware update, it was very difficult to even one good picture with it. Now, after the first firmware update it has improved. In a direct comparison with other that is very obvious.

- In low light, the camera then almost no longer triggers unless you used the image series, because it gets nothing more sharp. Both images Series solves indeed made, but you can then usually remove all pictures safely, there is not a clear picture. First I doubted in me and then I gave it to a photographer who unfortunately came to the same conclusion.

- Parties / Night Scene / Concerts (useless because in low light the AF is nearly incapacitated)

- People (in good light and plenty patience-> it could work)

- Landscapes (in good light and plenty patience-> not bad)

- Animals + Sport (bad, because AF is too slow)

- App and WIFI is very good

- Vacations (going so)


Mechanically it is really great, some design improvement have to be done and software is straightforward and not bad if the story of the AF would not. Thus, the camera is a very expensive and in total -> lower mediocrity.